Wednesday, July 08, 2009

How To: Make Bumper to Bumper Accident.

Here's a guide how to make bumper to bumper accident.

1. Find a suitable time and place especially during rush hour or specifically in the morning during people were rushing to the office hahah. In my suggestion the place will be Fedral Highway hehe.

2. When you came into a situation of begining of Jam infront of you. Be alert and prepare for one "dunggu" fella who drives in a "sunday drive mode" suddenly change lanes because of don't wanna be a part of Jam.

3. Before that, please make sure you were driving in fast lane with average speed 80-100km/h and doing tailgating heheh. Please make sure the car behind you also doing tailgating at the same speed.

4. Next step at step no 2, when this situation happens, do an emergency brake. Make sure there's a smoke comming out from your burning tyres during the emergency brake. If your brake system in good condition you wont hit the car infront of you.

5. Finally, be prepared of a few impacts from a various car behind you hahah.. if possible you may count the impacts to estimate how many cars involve in the bumper to bumper accident.

6. Next step.. claim la apa lagi.. people hit u he has to pay laa haha.

Why do i put this How To? This morning the same situation happens to me hahah.. at ferdral highway one "dunggu" fella suddenly change lanes haha. Me that time was stuck in the massive traffic light jam hehe. Dengar je bunyi orang brake emergency pon dah bleh baget compem nyer ade accident jap lagi haha.. Dush.. klung klang(bumper jatuh) and sreeakkk.. (emergency brake). hahah It all started when a car suddenly masuk lane laju pasal nak elak jam.. then ada satu waja nih sudah terkijut.. trus brake emergency.. leh nampak asap gak dari tayar tuh cam org layan drift. Next bunyi emergency brake kali nih package ngan bunyi pecah haha.. compem xcident.. waja tuh x kena.. selang satu keter waja lak ade city, wira and kelisa haha.. sian org dalam wira tuh kena impact kaw2 haha.

Moral of the story: Sleep early so that you won't rush to the office haha

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