Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Chronicles of Fasting Month

What u might do during Ramadhan.

1. Woke up early for sahur then can't sleep. Stomach full already haha.. so before waiting for Subuh prayer watch tv or go online. Ahh miss this moments during univ days. Get into IRC Channel during sahur time hehe.

2. Working time also change, u need to get to the office early. So if can't sleep, after Subuh Prayers, prepare yourself to work. Of course at this time the traffic in a excellent flow! and no jam plus sometimes u may do a Sunday drive technique! hahah.

3. Next at the office, u might have experience to be the first fella arrived at the office. Hmm so far for me already twice including today hahah. Attendance cemerlang ooo this fasting month oo insyallah heheh.

4. While doing work. Nothing much to said well it's on going process.

5. Lunch time? hmm at this time u'll feel sleepy. Go for a quick nap! it will refresh you back! ahah at lease dapat gak tido hehe. Tak pun leh dengar tazkirah emm add up another pahala insyallah hehe.

6. 4.oo pm around this time zone, u'll start thinking what to have for break fast. As the clock ticking it's already 4.30pm wohooo.. can go home now! yeahoo.. work? err can continue next day early in the morning what hahah..

7. Thinking of food, bazzar ramadhan will be the right place. Confirm boleh jadi gila if u can't control yourself! There's so much choices of food there. Tapikan.. why during non fasting month takda plak orang2 jual macam nih.. ex: ikan terubuk bakar, ayam golek, laksa penang and other kinda type of drinks sampai nemo nyer air pon ade jual. Try to have a look around pasar2 malam after fasting month nih sure xde nyer laa hahah..Air sirap laa paling sedap time berbuka hahah maybe psychological thinking kut.. the most delicious drink ever during fasting month! hahah. Another thing was the kurma, during this fasting month je very famous! almost everyone gonna have this during break fast.

8. While waiting for break fast, kalo ade family hmm mingle around with family, if among friends also u might get updates bout other friend. This the beauty of ramadhan, everyone will have their food together at the same time. You won't have trouble with a waiting ordered food for a long time rite hahaha.

9. Terawikh prayers, hmm during this time u might meet a few of your old friends hahah. After prayers u gonna have morey together2 hahah or maybe u might end up at mamak for a TT (Teh Tarik) session and watching epl hehe.

10. Went home and sleep hehe.. compem tido mati nyer hahahah..

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