Friday, August 07, 2009

Malaysia Boleh

Looks like a bmw 5 series mod to m5 hmm probably the owner must be rich and down to earth fella. Ye laa only got bimmer badge and no msport emblem. Maybe the owner doesn't want to show off sangat laa. Nice job! but wait a minute? err first impression hmm looks like a M5 but watch closely at next image.

Walauwei err it's a hmm a bimmer kawin ahah.. look from the front it's a 3 series model and check out from the rear pehhh a 5 series.. Good job to the modder. Ni baru betul Malaysia Boleh. Buy 1 free 1. Drove a 3 series with a m5 Butt. Congratulation to the owner. Tipah tertipu bang hahah..Well check out another image.. bimmer malaysia also can get 5 series look what heheh.. This will be my next whish list haahah..

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