Monday, June 22, 2009

Dzulfareez 2nd Buvday Party

Again yesterday, Meor Dzulfareez had his second birthday party only this time around just a small party. But then this year birthday cake was a number version hehe. Selalunyer square or round version.. this time it was a number 2 cake. Tempah kat King's 2 weeks before hahah pasal last year tak sempat nak order hehe. Kek memang sedap. Kalo sape nak oder leh oder kat King's hehe promote lak. Next will be Ein's 21 key type cake haha.. siap laa ein kaw² abang adjust hahah... siap ade clown skali heh. Back to the story.. emm kek.. heharap ade lagi laa leftover kek tuh.. kempunan gak hehe.

Again, Happy 2nd Birthday Meor Dzulfareez from papa & mama!

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