Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What i've been doing past 5 years?

1. Get my Bachelor Degree.

2. Get my first Job @ AKN Mtech now M3 Tech hehe.

3. Get my first car - BMW 3 series (Buatan Malaysia - Waja)  

4. Get my first wife .. heheh got another 3 allocation more. first come first serve basis.

5. Upgrade my title to "Abah" for my little hero - Meor Dzulfareez

6. Get My second Job @ MOF Inc. Company (name perlu dirahsiakan kalu idak payah aku)

7. Get My latest up to date Handphone after a few time asyik jual beli second hand jek..  

8. Get My first experience travelling with my little hero on a flight to Sabah.

9. Get my first MontBlanc purchase online heheh..

10. Get a few units of car model collections.   

11. Get our very own 32" LCD TV arr best siket tgk movie

12. Get to play paintball in the jungle enviroment and urbun enviroment at Mud Trekker

13. Get my first snorkeling trip @ Redang Island 
14. Get myself work out cuzz i'm fill with excessive toxic @ dah naik siket berat badan.
15. Re launch back my old blog...and the list continues.

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